Photo Booths

I’m a huge fan of these vintage photo booths, that allow for 4 different photos, with their flashlights. They combine memory and spontaneity that both were lost in the normed passport-sized photos era. The vintage cabins are disseminated around big cities: I propose an improvable list, and some ways to find new ones.


Berlin is the city where I rediscovered the pleasure of these cabins. That’s the reason Berlin is on the top of the list.



The website lists them in Berlin, but also in other major German cities. The website company builds and maintains them.


in Paris :

(source : DeeDee)

La Joyeuse de Photographie and (websites in French) install photo booths in France. The addresses can be found on their website.


The website lists all the booths worldwide. It’s collaborative: the tourists report all the new ones! You look for a place and it shows all the booths around. It’s that simple!