Other creations

Ceramic is a permanent material. It sublimates all the precious photos that sleep on our hard disks.
In porcelain, porcelain paper or sandstone, it can take variety of forms. You’ll find a selection of objects in my catalogue.
Each piece is unique, hand made and locally- manufactured.
Send your picture, I’ll edit it according to your wishes, and I print it on the object of your choice, by firing it at 860°C.

Discover the full catalog on my website vi-ceramiques.fr (french only) or through the slideshow:

It’s possible also to print on any existing ceramic material, like tiles, mugs, plates, etc.
For each project, I’ll give you an estimation.

The manufacturing delays may vary for each project, from 2 weeks minimum up to 3 or 4 weeks when a bigger ceramic work is needed.

Feel free to contact me: contact@myphotosonceramics.com.