By Vincent Lévy
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« I rediscovered vintage photo booths in 2009 during a trip in Berlin with my children. Since then, every time we’re back, we never miss the chance to take fresh pics. I now own a pretty good collection, where I can see my kids growing.

The Photo Booth Photos are for me a pure moment of instant pleasure, a happy record of our passage there and then. It’s often a collective adventure that allows us to capture on a small rectangle of photo paper, with its special and recognizable format, these small moments of happiness with others.

Fixing such moments on ceramic in order to immortalize them was self-evident for me. »

Vincent Lévy, ceramics artist

MyPhotosOnCeramics offers to print your own Photo Booth Photos on a fine porcelain plate: an original and eternal gift to offer… or to treat yourself to.

Each plate’s dimensions are 28 x 5,5 cm. They are 3 mm thick and handmade in my workshop in Montreuil (Paris, France). They are slightly « torn » on the side, in order to give them that paper-like look.


47 for a black and white plate

52 for a colour plate

Your Photo Booth Photos are printed on a ceramic plate. It’s made of porcelain paper, which is a mix of cellulose (3%) and porcelain powder. This technic allows for the creation of a very thin and very strong plate. After a first firing (biscuit) at 980°C, the plate is enamelled with a transparent gloss. Then it’s fired a second time at 1280°C.

After you send us your Photo Booth Photos as digital file, it’s printed on a special transfer paper, with a special printer designed to work with enamel Toner. The print is permanent: it’s coated on the enamelled ceramic, that will be fired for the third and last time at 860°C.

Immediately after firing, we fix a metal support behind the plate to allow for wall hanging.

Discover the manufacturing steps of your plate in the following Video.

Well packed in its casket, your Photo Booth Photos will be delivered within 2-3 weeks (Time needed to print your photos).

The shipping fees depend on the delivery address and the amount of ceramic articles:

for a single piece for Europe, it costs 10€,
for the rest of the world, between 14€ and 24€.

Before your order, you must digitalize your Photo Booth Photos:

  • minimum resolution is 300dpi. Please save it as a JPEG or PDF file
    (if this is not possible, we also accept other formats).
  • Please name the file as follows: YEAR-MONTH-FIRSTNAME

If you don’t own a scanner, you’ll find alternative solutions on the page named Prepare your photos.

Ready to order?


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